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Washer machine

The water must be on, like the picture on the right:




The washer machine needs approx. Two hours to complete the program. When you leave the cabin see to that the water is switch off


Fire place

You are free to light a fire in the fire place, wood can be bought at most of the petrol stations and the normal stores in Sälen. Please note all wood found outside is private and shall not be taken. Think of the safety, do not leave the fire unattended. When cleaning before departure, do NOT use the vacuum cleaner in order to remove ashes. Remove it manually with the brush beside the fire place and put it outside digged into the snow a bit from the cabins


Heating system

The heat is pre installed at 20-21 degrees (19-20 or the small cabin). Do NOT alter the pre defined values at the radiators



Leave the cabins proper cleaned, report  if something is broken to Gumo stuguthyrning AB tel: 0280-26350. Cleaning involves (additional demands might be added from Gumo stuguthyrning AB:


· Vacuum cleaning of the floors, carpets to be shaken outside and vacuum cleaned. Vacuum cleaner without filter inside:  INSTRUCTION

· Water and soap to clean the floors after vacuum cleaning. Use special equipment and not too much water.

· Toilet and sauna to be cleaned properly

· Trashes to be through away in the container, new plastic bags to be installed.

· Wipe the tables and clean the kitchen properly


Furniture and inventories shall be at it’s original place as when you arrived.


If cleaning not properly done we can be forced to add a fee of 1000 SEK that will be credited next customer. For complaints for bad cleaning please call Gumo stuguthyrning AB tel: 0280-26350


Cleaning for extra fee can be ordered



Pets is allowed but on own responible. Full cost coverage  will be claimed if some damage occurs due to pets. Damages to be reported soon as possible to Gumo stuguthyrning AB tel: 0280-26350 or to Mjtech AB tel: +46 706 343762


Damages or broken parts

Damages or if something is broken caused by the renter, shall be paid. Damages or broken parts to be reported soon as possible to Gumo stuguthyrning AB tel: 0280-26350 or to Mjtech AB tel: +46 706 343762



Snow is important in Sälen and in a normal season there is a lot of it. If it is snowing during your visit in Sälen please use the shovels outside and remove the snow at the passage to the cabins. Especially in front of the entrance, it is important to remove what is coming from the roof.


Your contact person is: Gumo stuguthyrning AB tel: 0280-26350 (or by them referenced contact person)


With whishes of a pleasent visit at Hökstigen 20


Mats Jonsson

MJtech AB



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I whish you, your family and friends a pleasant visit at Hökstigen 20. If you have any comments, find something missing or  maybe something that we can improve, you are welcome to contact us.

Our strategy is to have a lower price compared to our competitors but this also means that the cabins must be careful handled and to be cleaned properly. Below please find the rules valid for your stay.